The L.A. Boys

I finally watched The L.A. Boys documentary on Paulo Diaz, Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson, and Gabriel Rodriguez. Absolutely superb. All elements of their legendary skate video part in Ban This were broken down. I felt like I was 9-10 again. Highly recommended. #inspiration


Good Time

I just came back from watching Good Time and it was great. It’s not a feel-good movie, but it delivers as advertised. The soundtrack was really good (reminded me of Kravinsky) and Robert Pattinson’s performance was stellar. I’m not familiar with his background, except for the Twilight series and being romantically involved with FKA Twigs (awesome) after Kristen Stewart, nor would I judge him for any of that. In fact, I probably like him more despite of it. It’s pretty cool that my first intro to his acting chops was a film that took place in Queens (New World Mall, Flushing area, Elmhurst hospital, White Castle location directly across from my apartment). His character also had a little of that Vincent-Gallo-Buffalo-66 attitude which won points for me. Good stuff. I look forward to seeing what he does next.

Amuse Thyself

“Amuse thyself. If you can look at yourself and say ‘part of the purpose of my life is to amuse myself,’ it’ll help posture you better to embody the yes to your weirdness. If you can amuse yourself simply by looking at yourself, then you’re not looking at yourself very deeply. There is hilarious, ridiculous material inside you.” – JP Sears

Lost In Paris

I watched a super cute, fun, quirky movie today called Lost in Paris starring Fiona Gordon, Dominique Abel, and Emmanuelle Riva (one of my favorite actresses of all time). Its sense of humor was vibrant, distinctive, and fresh compared to anything out there today. A must-see for anyone looking for a good smile. Playing at the Landmark Sunshine in NYC.