I had an experience today which highlighted the fact that the human experience is and always will be subjective. I work in a field where meeting new people, and trying to relate with one other, is the norm. I find pleasure in all of this because I see those interations as opportunities to not only learn about them as people but to also practice nonjudgement. Everybody has a perspective, and it’s often cultivated by past experiences, or past down by association. Whether I agree with their perspective or not, it really doesn’t matter. The best gift one could give to another is just to be present.

I imagine everybody’s life is like a movie, and they’re the superhero of their movie. And my job, in that moment, is to figure out the play button to their movie as I’m curious about how and why they became who they are. And if they’re unhappy with their movie, why haven’t they rewritten the script for a happier outcome. Every minute is a chance to rewrite your role. -Jack.


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