Progress Is Better Than Perfection

Perfectionism is a form of self-sabotage that kills more than it creates. Essentially it’s a fixation on how we would like to be perceived in the eyes of others. However, it has everything to do with how we judge and shame ourselves, which results to inaction. Why do we do this? An excuse for perfectionism could be one’s strive for better quality content, which is justifiable for those who live in scarcity.

I was a victim of such for many years. I had such lack of self-trust and overwhelming self-shame in the process that my own worthiness came to question when putting out musical content. The ideas were all within me, yet my own filter prevented any of it to be released into the world. We judge ourselves so much that it often slows down our progress. However, massive action and allowing ‘overthinking’ to take the backseat has proved to be helpful. And to this day, I still strive to ship my content more often than have it sit around (fixating on the details). Through the years of deliberate practice I’ve come to understand that oftentimes our own thinking minds can ‘think’ us out of anything, even personal progress, as it tends to fixate on criticism and negativity (i.e. – the news, politics, complaining, fear, self-righteousness, etc). By focusing on the macro level of our goals, we can combat those negative thoughts by letting go of our self-judgments and imperfections to fulfill our intentions through massive action.

This Marie Forleo video is an excellent exploration of why progress is better than perfection. -Jack.


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