How To Have Energy All Day

This is a great video that gives insight to the power of shifting perspectives and how that can allow for a more productive life. The ideas proposed in the video (Boy In Love, Costa Rica Effect, Jim Carrey Principle) were just some examples of how external results can unfortunately dictate our internal fulfillment. However, seeking happiness or true fulfillment through intrinsic motivation is actually the better perspective we should shift towards.

Without going too deep into the rabbit hole of this huge subject of intrinsic motivation, this man offers a quick observation of our daily schedules, habits, or routines, and questions the relevance of our actions with internal fulfillment. And more importantly, do I feel energized by what I do daily or not? And how do my actions play into the long-term arc of my life? This video is a nice jolt of inspiration for the day. It’s not meant to find meaning to one’s life all in just under 8 minutes. It’s just an exercise to allow your perspective to shift towards what fires you up naturally, and how to be more productive with that authentic power. -Jack


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