Destroy The Ego

Henry Rollins on Hubert Selby Jr. My favorite line in the video is, “destroy the ego.” It highlights how the overthinking mind can destroy our dreams. Our minds can be over-analytical machines during times of pressure or stress, ultimately creating in-congruence between our intent and actions.

There are two frequencies working simultaneously during creative play. On one hand, there is the energy of creative potential where we have a continuous flow of ideas coming through our body. On the other, there is the ego. The ego encompasses judgments, criticisms, shame, blame, anxiety, negativity, and a skewed perspective of self-worth. It’s the ego who micromanages what gets created or not from the energy of creative potential. It’s the ego who allows what material gets used and doesn’t. Steven Pressfield calls this “the resistance.” Eckhart Tolle calls this “the painbody.” Ryan Holiday calls this “the ego” from his book, EGO IS THE ENEMY. Many writers call this “writer’s block.” Writer’s block is nothing more than our own ego getting in the way of the creative process. It’s self-judgment and self-shame working at its best, questioning our worth as a creative.

Our own self-doubt manifests into inaction. This is how projects die. This is how regret sets in. This is how we lose ourselves. I’m certainly guilty of this. Don’t let this happen. So how do we destroy the ego? I find that breathing exercises can help combat such pressure, and it can also help you make better and more creative choices. Next time you feel the ego setting in or micromanaging the hard work or criticizing your every move for something new, aim to head the infection off at the pass. *Breathe, then breathe again.* Combat “the resistance” by showing up and doing the work, as Pressfield would say. *Breathe, then breathe again.* Tolle encourages non-reactivity to heal “the painbody.” *Breathe, then breathe again.* Holiday recommends facing the struggle head on to kill the ego. *Breathe, then breathe again.*-Jack


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