Willpower Vs. Indecision

Willpower fights against my natural tendency to reduce mental work, effort, and application. Willpower is a tool I use to help express my art and truth. Otherwise, indecision (which often leads to slack) is given free rein to take the wheel. A way to combat indecision or slack is to trust ‘the process.’ The timeline of any creative endeavor always starts and ends with passion and enthusiasm. However, at the halfway point, we begin to experience doubts, external challenges, and self-judgments. This is where willpower becomes a helpful tool to coax the mind by taking massive action. For example, a week ago, I shot some footage on a cold day in Montreal after getting in from a busy morning of work. In my exhaustive state, nothing would have satisfied me more than to remain in my hotel room to eat, nap, or relax. I figured, “either I stay in and get nothing done or I fight against this block by stepping out with my camera and getting creative with whatever is around the area of this hotel.” I chose the latter.

Indecision kept me in my head at the time. Although, at last, willpower got me out of the hotel room with my camera. Our actions become reference experiences that can help leverage our future goals when we need them. It helps us navigate around our obstacles and seek opportunities instead. Aesthetically, these shots were decent. They were not my best work. But that didn’t matter because it wasn’t the point. All that matters is that I took the right steps towards progress for myself that day. Because I trust that the momentum of my push from that day will carry me into tomorrow’s efforts. -Jack


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