Commit-Then-Calibrate: Exploring New Ideas By A Shift In Behavior

WALKING-INTO-DARK-ROOMS (WIDR) was a concept first introduced to me by Todd Henry: ‘You may be hesitant, but you have to enter and turn on the light to see what’s there…sometimes you immediately turn off the light and walk back out, but you never know if something truly valuable is waiting to be discovered if you never enter the room.’ WIDR is a great example of a results-driven technique that I came up with called COMMIT-THEN-CALIBRATE (CTC).

CTC is a two-step tactic to help stretch our creative ability beyond our comfort zone: first, 1) truly commit to whatever big idea you have and then, 2) calibrate the specifics as you go along. The power of this tactic is the negation of ‘analysis paralysis’ by shutting down our prejudgments and providing the path for positive behavioral change. CTC prevents indecision by forcing action first and gives us the opportunity to stretch our skills from a different perspective, making incremental gains along the way. Like WIDR, the darkness forces us to explore the room, looking for light. Out of necessity, we’re forced to calibrate our steps in this unfamiliar territory,¬†searching for answers. And when the light is discovered, we oftentimes are surprised at what we find.

Greater contribution always awaits us on the other side of any obstacle. I challenge you to give this tactic a try. Allow your behavior to have the final say in your big idea, not your preconceived limiting belief.-Jack


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