RIP Sugar (9/11/01-1/20/17)

This is where it all started. The music video for “Maine” was filmed, edited, and uploaded the day before Hurricane Sandy hit NY (Oct 28th 2012). At heart, the joy of creating this and releasing it propelled an interesting creative journey of producing music videos. Providing so much fulfillment and value through the years for me, I made attempts to validate the toil by giving it meaning. But admittedly they seemed contrived. After the passing of my family dachshund Sugar yesterday and revisiting this music video, I finally realized that I’m basically documenting my life. Through the years of documenting, parts of my life have changed dramatically. My ability as a musician and producer has noticeably improved. I made countless friends from all over the world and traveled to 15+ countries. I have a library of 60+ videos showcasing my craft. I’ve found myself enjoying the challenge of the creative process more and more. So because of it and many other reasons, I’m a much happier person. And it all began with this little darling dachshund, Sugar, as the subject of my first video, showing me the way…the path. Thank you for your gift, Sugar. I’m forever grateful. We love you forever. -Jack.


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