Lost In Paris

I watched a super cute, fun, quirky movie today called Lost in Paris starring Fiona Gordon, Dominique Abel, and Emmanuelle Riva (one of my favorite actresses of all time). Its sense of humor was vibrant, distinctive, and fresh compared to anything out there today. A must-see for anyone looking for a good smile. Playing at the Landmark Sunshine in NYC.

Contentment, Love, and Gratitude


“We experience the deeper human feelings that are generated from a natural state of mind: contentment, love, and gratitude. This is a state in which we see life clearly. We have soft focus and concentration–our mind is clear. We can do anything in this state of mind because our minds are not cluttered with thoughts of the past, the future, or judgments about how we are doing. We deal with whatever is before us. This is the state of mind from which new and creative ideas evolve, and where solutions to problems seem obvious.” #youcanbehappynomatterwhat #richardcarlson #selfdevelopment #innergrowth #liveauthentic #happiness #creativity

Compassion Motivates Action


“You’ll soon find that when you connect with those who suffer, when you sit beside them with kindness, clear eyes, and acceptance, you’ll quite naturally be drawn to care, help, or give. The warm and tender feelings in your heart inspire you to do whatever you can to relieve the other person’s suffering. Put another way, compassion doesn’t just sit there. It motivates action.” #love2.0 #barbaralfredrickson #selfmastery